Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Artificial Intelligence as manager, coach and systems leader?

Could an AI just perhaps be the best hope for good people management?

I am a manager. I want to be a good systems leader, coach and engagement artist for the teams I am responsible for but I suck at these things.

I take these roles seriously most days and have gone so far as to take lots of training on the subject and networked with others who also share the same passiona. I even went on to share this material with others by leading many workshops on coaching and engagement in hopes that sharing it with others would help it stick for me.

I still see it over and over again. I don't coach properly. I don't listen well enough. I spend too much time problem solving others work where I could be enabling them to solve their own problem.

Reading about Deep Minds Go game really made me think about how a computer could do this better.

An AI would remember all comittments, all elements of stories and rationales for work done or not done as well as be able to connect them together. 

Friday, February 24, 2012

AI for police monitoring of data and cameras

If we are tracked online and in our communities there should be no human that is allowed to violate our privacy without reasonable ground of criminal activity (i.e. a warrant). As such I would propose what we need is the computer systems that actively build up a profile for each of us on our internet usage and our whereabouts are controlled by a AI that keeps the data organized and is only accessible to humans when warrants are provided.

However, I would also propose that if the AI detects criminal activity it can advise humans of that activity to be considered. For instance if the license plate of a wanted criminal is detected on a traffic camera it could alert authorities. If child porn, stolen goods or espionage it could all be routed through a special police triage unit that could determine whether it was appropriate to pursue police action.

By having an AI control the organization and the decision of whether we can see the information we could hold ourselves more accountable for each other's privacy.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

a spot in my vehicles that will properly hold my mobile device(s)

I own a Corolla and a Silverado and neither one has a good spot to put a handheld GPS, or a Blackberry or an Ipod. Is it too much to ask that there would be a universal mounting connection instead of having to suck things onto the window?

Saturday, November 5, 2011

intelligent file loading blue tooth boardroom tables

the increased risk to an organization of having its private data floating around on mobile devices means limitations on the use of tablets and eBook readers (and the like) for fear of the device being lost and information being exposed.

at the same time the process of having network connections or wifi in the boardroom and accessing your documents still feels like a a windows 95 experience.

so what do I want?

I want to be able to drop my meeting documents to a folder on the network. show up for a meeting and as I enter the room have my ebook reader authenticate me and give me real time access to those documents on the network as I need them.

when I leave those documents are not on my ebook reader and no harm can come from loosing it.

government by video conferencing

we need our elected officials to be in the communities which they represent and support but we also need them to connect us to the center where government goes to debate, vote and inform each other.

we need politicians to employ video conferencing technology to make both work

Friday, November 5, 2010

complete waste accountability

we need to have every product and consumable mapped to a cycle that is absolutely the most efficient known means of renewal in earth cycles.

composting, for example, is great for organics and properly managed is fantastic for both us and the planet but we need that same intentional process for everything else we put to the curb

a database of every product made

a database of every product made with complete details on inputs, processes and the labour required. 

with the power of mobile computing and internet access we could make better consumer choices buy getting product information instantly. 

what better way to promote self regulation of environment, labour and human rights issues that competition.