Friday, November 5, 2010

complete waste accountability

we need to have every product and consumable mapped to a cycle that is absolutely the most efficient known means of renewal in earth cycles.

composting, for example, is great for organics and properly managed is fantastic for both us and the planet but we need that same intentional process for everything else we put to the curb

a database of every product made

a database of every product made with complete details on inputs, processes and the labour required. 

with the power of mobile computing and internet access we could make better consumer choices buy getting product information instantly. 

what better way to promote self regulation of environment, labour and human rights issues that competition. 

a means to make better use of the sun’s energy that comes to earth

At the Earth's orbit, neglecting absorption by the atmosphere, each square meter of area facing the Sun receives about 1380 joules per second. [Source: Dr. David P. Stern ]

What we need is to harness as much of that power as we can.