Friday, February 24, 2012

AI for police monitoring of data and cameras

If we are tracked online and in our communities there should be no human that is allowed to violate our privacy without reasonable ground of criminal activity (i.e. a warrant). As such I would propose what we need is the computer systems that actively build up a profile for each of us on our internet usage and our whereabouts are controlled by a AI that keeps the data organized and is only accessible to humans when warrants are provided.

However, I would also propose that if the AI detects criminal activity it can advise humans of that activity to be considered. For instance if the license plate of a wanted criminal is detected on a traffic camera it could alert authorities. If child porn, stolen goods or espionage it could all be routed through a special police triage unit that could determine whether it was appropriate to pursue police action.

By having an AI control the organization and the decision of whether we can see the information we could hold ourselves more accountable for each other's privacy.