Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Artificial Intelligence as manager, coach and systems leader?

Could an AI just perhaps be the best hope for good people management?

I am a manager. I want to be a good systems leader, coach and engagement artist for the teams I am responsible for but I suck at these things.

I take these roles seriously most days and have gone so far as to take lots of training on the subject and networked with others who also share the same passiona. I even went on to share this material with others by leading many workshops on coaching and engagement in hopes that sharing it with others would help it stick for me.

I still see it over and over again. I don't coach properly. I don't listen well enough. I spend too much time problem solving others work where I could be enabling them to solve their own problem.

Reading about Deep Minds Go game really made me think about how a computer could do this better.

An AI would remember all comittments, all elements of stories and rationales for work done or not done as well as be able to connect them together.